Lingerie Care

Our underwear is made with fine and delicate materials. Therefore, it takes great care not to damage them.

Tips on how to take good care of your lingerie to ensure it lasts a long time.
  1. Never wash your bras in a washing machine, the foam inserts can suffer irreversible damage.
  2. Please wash your lingerie with cold water and mild soap.
  3. Soap powder, soap and coconut soaps, are not neutral.
  4. Never wash your lingerie in the shower. The hot temperature can destroy the fibers and ruin the elasticity.        
  5. Do not leave lingerie to soak for a long time.
  6. Always dry in the shade. The sun can fade the vibrant colors of fabrics. Avoid tumble dryers.
  7. Never wash your underwear in water with bleach, as this will damage the color and elasticity.
  8. Avoid pulling hard if you realize that the lingerie does not stretch.
  9. Avoid exposing your lingerie to cosmetics and chemicals in general.
By following these guidelines, your lingerie will look like new for much longer!                                       

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